Sunday, November 13, 2016

Backstory - Part 1

My story begins in January 2016, when a local gaming store runs a deal selling the core set at nearly half price. A campaign starts up, but falls apart within a few weeks. A few players are interested in skirmish, and another store runs a store championship and we decide to attend. We get a good six or eight players, with basically everybody just running something that interests them. There's not much competitiveness going on at the time. (Note: This is post 4x4 nerf but pre-Bantha, right after Hoth released)

My biggest interest in the game is Stormtroopers. I adore Stormtroopers. It's even better that they synergize and running lots of them works well. With this in mind, I decide upon the following list:

2x Elite Stormtroopers
2x Stormtroopers
1x Heavy Stormtroopers
2x Officers

Overall, the store championship goes pretty well. I went 2-1, beating a Scum Beast list and a mixed Rebel list, losing to a Royal Guard Champion list. I was impressed by the Stormtroopers, but fairly disappointed with the basic Heavies and the Officers.

Overall, I'm impressed by the Imperial Trooper archetype, but the list I ran wasn't where I wanted it to be. It'll get some modifications in the upcoming weeks as I purchase and play more.

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