Wednesday, November 30, 2016

State of the Faction - Rebel

The second of three articles covering the various factions and how they fare against the meta. The last one was Scum, which you can find here. This week is covering the Rebel Alliance, a faction I enjoy playing due to their unique and interesting rules and units.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

State of the Faction - Scum

The first series of articles that I'm going to do on this blog will cover each faction and how they fare against the current meta. I'll go over many of the options the faction has and how well they play. Several of the units will get articles specifically covering them at a later point, but for now they'll get a brief look at them. This first one will be on Scum, a faction I personally don't care to play very often due to the lack of options they have available to them.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Backstory - Part 3

With regionals completed, the IA community takes a break, plays other games for a while. Most go to X-Wing, some Armada, some just disappear completely. When the unusual second regionals looms six months later, nobody returns. One new player is recruited, but I don't play for the six months before that. We get a few games in, but it's not long before it's off to regionals. My list remains the same, partially because it performed well last time, partially because I'd had no playtime with or against anything for months.

Backstory - Part 2

After the Store championship, the next wave of releases posed the biggest threat to mass trooper lists yet, the dreaded Bantha Rider. With the combination of Stampede and Trample, the Bantha has the ability to do large amounts of unblockable damage to large numbers of figures. The Bantha has a large potential to do huge amounts of damage to troopers, wiping large portions of them off the map with ease. And with the massive rule, it becomes impossible to prevent the Bantha from getting to your troopers.

Backstory - Part 1

My story begins in January 2016, when a local gaming store runs a deal selling the core set at nearly half price. A campaign starts up, but falls apart within a few weeks. A few players are interested in skirmish, and another store runs a store championship and we decide to attend. We get a good six or eight players, with basically everybody just running something that interests them. There's not much competitiveness going on at the time. (Note: This is post 4x4 nerf but pre-Bantha, right after Hoth released)


Welcome to CorSec Academy, a blog intended to discuss competitive Imperial Assault skirmish. This blog will go over a variety of topics, from tournament results to unit analysis to battle reports. I hope that this will prove to be a useful source of information to anyone playing Imperial Assault, whether they're new to the game or an experienced player.

I hope that this blog will be a success. I hope this blog will help numerous players. I hope this blog will make me a better player along the way.

May the Force be with you all.